IQ Battery Wall Mount Bracket middle bracket, only used for compliance with UL94540A install conditions for the IQ Battery 10T. Upper and lower Wall Mount Bracket must be ordered separately (EN-B10T-AWM-1280-O). ** Free upon request only when purchased with IQ Battery 10T. Shipping charge applied. **

Enphase has achieved UL9540A certification for the Enphase IQ 10T product. The IQ Battery 3, 10, and 3T have already had this certification and do not require any updates. This certification allows the IQ Battery 10T to be installed closer than 36” apart in areas that require UL9540A compliance as per the updated Quick Install Guide. This requires an updated 3-piece wall mount bracket assembly for the IQ Battery 10T.

  • Manufacturer Part Number: B10T-MWM-1280-O

  • Shipping Weight: 19.62 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions: 53 x 21.42 x 2.05 in

  • Pallet Qty: 50