This product is in the process of transitioning to the SKU: LG-395A1C-A6

LG AC Module integrated V5 Series NeON R Back Contact 375 watt 60 cell pv module, 40 mm black frame, white backsheet, and LG microinverter.

LG Electronics' NeON R 60 cell 375w ACe modules pair LG's powerful back contact monocrystalline technology with proprietary LG microinverter technology to offer one of the most robust AC modules available. For 240VAC applications: 12 modules max per 20A breaker or 9 modules max per 15A breaker. Modules come pre-assembled with microinverter version LM320UE-A2. These microinverters are designed to pair with the LG-ACM-ENERBOX-2 for monitoring and communications (purchased separately). Additional AC cabling also purchased separately.

  • Manufacturer Part Number: LG375A1C-V5

  • UL Certificate

  • Power Output: 375 Watts

  • Voltage: 208 Volt 240 Volt

  • 60 Cell, AC Module Back Contact

  • 40mm Depth, Black Frame, White Backsheet

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 25 Years

  • Performance Warranty: 25 Years Linear to 90.8%

  • Shipping Weight: 42 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions: 66.9 x 40 x 1.57 in

  • Pallet Qty: 25


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