Solaredge Control and Communications Gateway

The SolarEdge control and communication gateway expands the SolarEdge monitoring and control capabilities. It can be connected to SolarEdge and non-SolarEdge inverters, environmental sensors and revenue meters and can transfer the monitoring data to the SolarEdge monitoring server and optionally, to a non-SolarEdge logger. The SolarEdge control and communication gateway connects to the PV system installation using the RS485 communication option. The RS485 option enables creating a chain (bus) of up to 31 slave SolarEdge devices, connected to one master, which can be another SolarEdge device or the SolarEdge control and communication gateway. The control and communication gateway can also connect to the following devices: - SolarEdge devices, such as inverters and safety and monitoring interfaces (SMIs) - Non-SolarEdge inverters for inverter data monitoring on the SolarEdge portal - Environmental sensors - Revenue grade meters - 3rd party external loggers for inverter data monitoring - Power reduction control devices

  • Manufacturer Part Number: SE1000-CCG-G-S1

  • Shipping Weight: 1.1 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions: 11.25 x 4.62 x 4.75 in

  • Pallet Qty: 216