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SolarEdge Zigbee wireless Basic Kit, contains 1 home gateway (master unit) and 1 slave unit.

Connects SolarEdge inverters wirelessly to an internet router. Slave unit is installed in inverter (includes external antenna), and gateway master unit installed in home near existing Internet router (connected by Ethernet cable). Gateway has indoor enclosure, requires 120Vac power, and communicates with up to 15 SolarEdge devices. Range is 1300ft line of sight, or 160ft if indoors. Purchase extra slave units (SE-1000-ZB05-SLV) if more than one inverter. Use Zigbee Repeater (SE-1000-ZBRT05-NA) to extend range. 5-year Warranty.

  • Manufacturer Part Number: SE1000-ZBGW-K5-NA

  • Shipping Weight: 2.5 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 2 in

  • Case Qty: 10


Product Datasheet

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Product Warranty Guide

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