Backup Interface, with 5kW ATX, Import/Export Meter, Main Lug Only rated for Load Side Connection

The SolarEdge Backup Interface is designed to work with the SolarEdge energy management inverters (StorEdge / Energy Hub) to automatically provide backup power to home loads during a grid outage. Homes with the SolarEdge Backup interface + EnergyHub have full flexibility to select which loads to back up, and the ability to add scale-able storage capacity.

  • Manufacturer Part Number: BI-NUSGN-01

  • Voltage: 240 Volt

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Years

  • Performance Warranty: Warranty Extensions Available from SolarEdge Technologies

  • Shipping Weight: 73 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions: 20.59 x 13.88 x 8.62 in

  • Pallet Qty: 12