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Webstore Tutorial Video - Discover all the key features and functions

In this focused, 20-minute tutorial video, Stuart Llewellyn, our Director of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing gives an in-depth look at the Account Dashbord, Previous Purchases and Quotes, Product Lists, Billing and Accounts, Product Availability, Future Stock Strategy, and more. Take advantage of all our webstore features, save time, and get jobs done.

The video is broken in to chapters represented by the dots on the timeline for each key function so you navigate directly to the topics you're most interested in. See the list below the video for a full list of the chapters.

List of Chapters :

1. Account Dashboard - 00:16

2. Previous Purchases and Quotes - 03:13

3. Create a Quote and Convert to an Order - 04:25

4. Product Lists - 08:19

5. Billing and Account Information - 09:14

6. Product Availability and Future Stocking Strategy - 12:03

7. Detailed Product Information - 17:17

8. Quick Add Items to the Cart - 18:02

9. Webinars, Podcasts and Articles - 19:24

10. Give Us Feedback on Our Webstore - Here's How! - 19:55