Aluminum version of the S-5! ProteaBracket, w/ (4) drill point S-5! Screws. Width and height adjustable.

For use on trapezoidal metal roofs, adjustable to fit various profiles. Attaches by 4 self-drilling sheet metal screws, and comes with factory-applied adhesive rubber sealant on bases. May be used with top rails, side rails or S-5-PV kits. Dimensions: 3.93" long, adjustable width and height.

  • Manufacturer Part Number: ProteaBracketâ„¢ (AL)

  • UL Certificate

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 50 Years

  • Performance Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

  • Shipping Weight: .4 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions: 4 x 1.18 x 2.75 in

  • Case Qty: 100

  • Pallet Qty: 3000


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