Get the most out of the webstore with our How-To Videos

  • Where's my order? - Account Dashboard
  • Find the Product You're Looking For
  • Understanding Product Availability
  • Create a Quote and Copy a Quote
  • Place An Order: Checkout & Convert a Quote
  • How To Use Product Lists
  • Managing My Account
  • Paying My Invoices
  • ACH Payment Error: Maximum $ Limit Exceeded

Where's my order? - Account Dashboard

Want to know what's happening with your order? Has it been shipped yet? Is there tracking? What's the ETA? Find out this and more from your account dashboard, watch the video to see how.

Find the Product You're Looking For

Use these tips to find items more quickly! There are different shortcuts for products you've purchased before compared to searching for the first time, let us show you how.

Understanding Product Availability

We aim to provide our customers with a high level of transparency when it comes to our product availability but it's important to understand how to interpret the numbers to avoid confusion. Let us walk you through it in this short video.

Create a Quote and Copy a Quote

Want to see how much the equipment for a job will cost before placing an order? Why not create a quote first? Once a quote has been saved it can't be edited on the webstore but you can make the changes you want on a new version of it by simply copying it. Watch the video to find out how.

Place An Order: Checkout & Convert a Quote

In this video, we walk through the steps of placing an order which can either be done through the checkout or by converting an active quote to an order.

How To Use Product Lists

Product lists can act as templates for products you regularly buy or are needed to be purchased together. It could be all the parts you need for racking on a particular roof type or the various equipment needed for a specific battery storage system? Get to those products quickly and add them to your cart in a single click, find out how in this short video.

Managing My Account

Need to locate a previous order or invoice? Want to see the current state of your account balance or get an up to date statement? Your My Account area of the webstore provides this and so much more! In this video we show you how you can get straight to the information you need 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Paying My Invoices

Being able to see your account balance and pay down your invoices at a time convenient to you ensures your orders keep moving without any bottlenecks. Payments can be accepted via ACH or card, plus you can securely store and manage your payment methods for future use. Watch the video to see how it works.

ACH Payment Error: The amount you're trying to pay exceeds the maximum Dollar limit per payment set on your ACH details.

Find out how to very quickly resolve this common ACH payment error in this short video.